About Me

After a 20+ year career in Technology, I wanted to help people become less stressed and suffer from the anxiety that plagued me in my early 30s. What helped me was Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Yoga, so I am embarked on a mission to train in those modalities. I trained for over 1 year as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the National Hypnotherapy Society, a Mindfulness Teacher for a year with Youth Mindfulness, for both children and adults, and later as a Shamanic Practitioner for a year via Lendrick Lodge. I have run workshops in Glasgow for Mindfulness and Shamanism.

In 2022 I decided to embark on Kundalini Yoga Teacher training, a practice very close to my heart.

I believe that everyone can find more peace, calm and joy in life and live as their true self. I specialise in stress and anxiety Hypnotherapy, bringing in Meditation techniques, breathwork and sometimes I get my drum out to help people retrieve their lost power or via a Soul Retrieval if they have experienced trauma, loss, relationship breakups etc.

Hypnotherapy usually works in as little as 2 sessions and I recommend clients book 2 clients within a 2 week period to really cement the results and gain the most benefit. I also work with addictions, like alcohol, food disorders and smoking, although these can take a little longer and I usually put together a coaching plan over 4-6 weeks tailored to each individual client.

If you don’t find me practising Kundalini Yoga or working, I’ll be travelling, volunteering, in the gym, reading or simply walking in nature.

My Passion & Goals

My passion is finding calm in life, and I find this through nature connection, walking, exercise, Kundalini Yoga, meditation and simply living in the present moment. It’s also my passion to encourage and inspire other people to live the life they dream of and avoid many of the mistakes I have made in the past, especially around addiction. I am following a path of sobriety, switching to a Vegetarian diet, training to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, travelling, and getting involved in more volunteer work in projects I am passionate about. A gratitude practice and being surrounded by like-minded, encouraging people and friends, helps keep me on my path but it is also trusting in my own intuition and not partaking in anything that takes me from my path. This involves developing a greater self-awareness.

What lights you up? Do you live according to your values and ideals? What is holding you back from realising your dreams – we often distract or numb ourselves and live as Shadow Artists, on the peripherary of being who we were born to be. It’s my job as a Hypnotherapist, Coach and Healer to guide you back onto your path, feel the butterflies in your belly and awaken a sense of adventure for life.

I’m also passionate about weight training, something else I gave up but am getting back to this month. I believe a healthy body can help create a healthy mind and, for me, the balance between strength and flexibility is key. Kundalini Yoga for me brings together all my loves, Kriyas (postures) which can be very challenging, mantras and gong (the power of sound) and meditations. Once you let go, you can really get into a deep flow state, which is why I have decided to train to be a teacher this year (2022) and to share this beautiful form of yoga with others. I will also be sharing my journey on the blog and removing self-doubt and imposter syndrome by sharing some videos online. They will not be studio shot, with candles in the background, with me decked out all in white – but they will 100% be authentically me, hopefully with a fair bit of humour thrown in. Humour and laughter is vital for me in life and has a unique energy. When you can laugh with someone you love, even better because that energy expands to others.

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